Chickadee at Lake Whitney, Texas

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Cherokee Village Resort
at Lake Whitney

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As a certified "Texas Wildscape", Cherokee Village Resort and Nature Center accepts it's responsibility to both nurture the health of native plants and wildlife and to provide information on and identification of such treasures. Much of what we have done so far in these respects can be seen by utilizing the self-guided tour map provided to guests staying in our cabins.

While guests visit the points on the map they will find:

Milkweed Flower at Cherokee Village Resort
Plant Identification

Visiting the "Habitat" and "Wildscape" gardens on the map will bring you in contact with numerous species of native plants with name plates alongside them. Some labeled non-native species are also pointed out in the gardens.

Hummingbird on Trumpet Vine at Lake Whitney
Wildlife Stations

Visiting the wildlife feed stations and finding a quiet place to sit is a great way for bird watchers and photographers to zoom in on one or more of several native bird species. If you are unfamiliar with their names, just refer to the picture identification chart in the area.

Black & Blue Swallowtail Butterfly at Cherokee Village Resort

Several species are on the grounds from spring through fall. To locate as many species as possible, butterfly enthusiasts visit each garden and native land section of the resort as shown on the self-guided tour map. To sharpen your skills before heading out, take time to view the butterfly photos in the pavilion.

Indian Blanket and Greenthread at Lake Whitney
Native Lands

Guests use the map to locate and walk through natural blue-stemmed fields complete with a mixture of native wildflowers such as Indian Blankets, Texas Star Daisy, Indian Paintbrush, Mexican Hats, Englemann's Daisy, Horsemint, White Thorny Poppy, Prairie Verbena, Blue Curls and Texas Bluebonnets.

Cherokee Village Resort at Lake Whitney